compass reports released!

Compass just released its new reports based on the context analysis developed by project partners on sustainable conversion sector development trend and its occupational perspectives. The context analysis has been developed through questionaires involving 114 stakeholders from 5 different European countries and through desk research. Questionnaires' respondents identified themselves as related to various sectors of activity, the most represented being urban development, public spaces, energy and infrastructure.


The research has lead to the development of 3 documents: one main report gathering information regarding sustainable conversion development trend and occupational and training perspectives in Romania, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany: "Compass Context Analysis. Sustainable Site Conversion".  Such findings have been summarised in 2 other smaller reports: "Sector development trend study" and "Occupational perspective analysis".


In particular, the reports provide information regarding the challenges, issues, needs and concerns faced by the conversion sector, as well as it draws a picture of existing professional profiles, education and training programmes related to the sustainable conversion sector in the 5 countries represented in the project.


To learn more about those issues, download the 3 reports on the project outputs' page here