compass in a nutshell

The Compass project wants to contribute to building fair, socially and environmentally sustainable societies through the development of a new professional curricula and a training course in the field of ecological conversion of public spaces. The project, based in 5 european countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia and Romania), includes activities of context analysis, dialogue with stakeholders, professional training and collaborative project ideas' development with local authorities to enhance participative and ecological conversion processes throughout Europe.




  • Train 50 unemployed professionals in the field of ecological conversion of public spaces
  • Create a new professional curricula "sustainable conversion consultant" and its related training course
  • Connect different actors – local authorities, private companies, professionals and local communities
  • Support the mainstreaming of open educational resources in the field of ecological conversion
  • Promote good practices in the field of ecological conversion of public spaces





Context Analysis: Compass partnership is developing research on the conversion sector in Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany to produce a European Report on the development trends, occupational perspectives and training and education available in the field of ecological conversion, in particular of public spaces.


Online course: The compass project core activity relies in the realisation of a 80 hours pilot online training course which will provide trainees with inter-disciplinary competences and the opportunity to develop concrete project ideas for the ecological and participative conversion of public spaces together with local authorities. 


Dissemination: Good practices' cases studies as well as videos will be developed and use for further promotion of the ecological conversion of public spaces among sector's stakeholders and the general public. Public events will also be organised in Romania, Germany and Italy.

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