The chosen project area is located in Largo Passamonti, in the II district of Rome. In order to identify the features, in terms of advantages and disadvantages, characterizing the area and the whole San Lorenzo neighbourhood where the area is located, we firstly conducted a context analysis. The area is in front of a university venue that has recently been open and at the edge of a neighbourhood characterized by a significant deficit of green public spaces. It is surrounded by highly congested streets and, although well connected with public transportation, it is oppressed by wild parking practices. 



Garbatella is an area of Rome known for its peculiar architecture – barocchetto romano style mixed to garden-city look – and for its social and cultural awareness. The area is a perfect example of urban regeneration done through bottom-up approach. Our project proposal is to improve energy efficiency, which would lie in an annex to the project called Neighbourhood Contracts taken from Department Suburbs Local development. The proposal is about both implementing photovoltaic panels on the top of the roof of a architectural complex in the center of Garbatella and inhancing environmental awareness by the.realization of a pedal powered machine.



This regeneration proposal has been realized in the context of the “Compass” project and it aims at creating a new life for the area on Via Ostiense in front of one of the faculties of the University of Roma Tre. Since the beginning the team has been trying to involve both the institutions and the key actors: inhabitants and students. The involvement of the institutions is fundamental as the project will be more easily implemented if it has their support. Obviously institutions are only a small part of the big group of actors. We have been meeting residents and students and their organizations: quarter communities and students organizations. All of them have shown a considerable interest in the conversion of this area and the majority of them would like it to be kept “green”, as observed during the interviews.