The compass course

Sustainable Conversion Project Consultant

The COMPASS project developed a training course of 80 hours of e-learning to train Sustainable Conversion Project Consultants that was implemented from October 24th to December 18th 2016 followed by field practice activities from November 2016 to february 2017.

In preparation to the course, COMPASS partnership realised various context analysis on ecological conversion sector, its development trend and occupational perspectives in Europe and in particular, in Bulgaria, in Croatia, in Italy, in Germany and in Romania.

After completion and fine tuning of the pilot course, COMPASS Online Educational Resources are now available!

If you are interested in the course contents and would like to learn more, you can watch our course sessions on youtube.

On the basis of the course evaluation by teachers and learners, the course was finally tuned and its training curriculum developed.

The COMPASS partnership developed a methodological guidelines providing insights on the course approach, methodology, implementation, etc., to ease the dissemination and boost the replication potential of the course.